Be part of a collaborative music video that makes a difference!

To celebrate “Youth Week”, Cumberland City Council and The Human Sound Project are inviting young people 25 years and younger to collaboratively write a song and music video that shares a collective message of unity, hope and resilience for other young people struggling to get through this challenging time.

Big ups to the 15 young people who came together to write the song lyrics and choose the music in early April + the talented artist Zeadala who wrote and recorded the lead line and melody and producer Sedrik Gomis who helped produce the track. We are all so proud of our song which we feel sends a inspiring message that we can find positivity and light even in hard and dark times.

But now, we need your help to amplify this message - our next step is to create a music video and we would love to invite all of you to star in it. Here is how you can contribute:

Recording instructions

Recording instructions
  1. Play the song. We also recommend you use one device to play the song from (e.g. your computer) plugged into some speakers, and your smartphone to record the video. You can download or play the song by clicking here
  2. Put your phone in a horizontal position and begin recording video. Be mindful of your lighting, make sure we can see you.During the chorus we would love you to sing along with the singer Zeadala. The cue to the chorus is when she sings "do what we love just... " and then the chorus starts at which time please singalong with her singing "turn it around, turn it around, turn it around, turn it around, we can go up when we're feeling down, just turn it around, turn it around

    During the verses we want you to get creative and represent what the singer is singing about:

    • you can do this through dancing along
    • making dance moves and gestures representing the lyrics: for example if the lyrics are "Do what we love" then you could make a love gesture with your hands.
    • make some drawings representing the lyrics and film the drawings as the song plays
    • Or if you are out of ideas for what to do, just film yourself listening and swaying along to the music.
  3. Once the song has finished playing. End your recording and submit it to us by filling out the form below. You must submit the video recording by this Friday April 24th
  4. We will be releasing the finished video around the start of May and will let you know when it is released.

How to submit your video recording

How to submit your video recording

Hey everyone, thanks so much for taking the time to contribute to this project! Please fill out the form below and then click the "Continue to Upload Your Video" button. On the next page you come to you can select the video file with your recording and submit it to us.

Please note: This video project is for young people 25 years and younger who live in the Cumberland LGA.

  • Click the "Continue" button below to proceed to the video upload page. On the video upload page you can upload your video!
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.