On the 17th of March 2017, 190 of Vodafone’s top management from around the country came together for a 2 day leadership conference. Part of the conference involved refreshing the group in their leadership narrative as well as the values and purpose of the organisation. What better way to learn about your organisation’s values then by living, breathing and singing them. More then just posters on the wall values should be lived and experienced through action, collaboration and creativity!

What followed was an uplifting 3 hour interactive team building experience that aimed to build a harmonious leadership team. Using a variety of arts based methods and change management tools, the 190 leaders were taken on a facilitated team building experience where they were be empowered to live and breathe Vodafone’s values by collectively writing and performing a song about them.

Icebreakers kicked off their workshop ensuring everyone felt totally comfortable, ready to rock out and collaborate! Groups then break off and share stories and conversation around chosen topic areas and themes such as their group’s values, purpose, vision or event messaging. The conversations were synthesized into a memorable set of lyrics that were co-written by the group and captured their collective message.

Then came the sound making! The group were taught how to make music bringing out some hidden talents! Using the latest interactive audio recording technologies, groups took turns to layer their song with sounds and were be amazed as their new song took shape as it was played back live in the space.
Video was also be captured throughout the session and a video clip accompanied the final song recording for the team to listen back to and therefore remember what the experience taught them about their organisations values.