Saturday 13th of December 2014 – The Human Sound Project was brought to the City of God by Casa de Santa Ana – Cidade de Deus , an NGO that cares for the elders of City of God – enabling their well being and their interaction with family, community, and society. Our task was to help facilitate connection between two generations that live in the city through song making.

Many beautiful stories were shared about “unexpected connections between generations”. Some of the young people really opened up in their groups, sharing deep stories of loss of their grandparents – it was amazing to see.

The musical highlight of the day, for me, was funnily enough, right at the end of the workshop, when the activities were finished and the group stood together and sang Brazilian folk songs.

Many thanks to Gabriele Valente for being an incredible co-facilitator.

It was a beautiful day. Young and old, dancing and singing together. Music connecting us through our bones.

Photos from the day:

See here:

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