An amazing group of 15 on Thursday 15th of November 2013 at “The Owl Factory” loft (Brooklyn NYC). The group explored the theme of sacrifice in their life: what we give up in order to gain. The circle was divided into three sections with a volunteer in each providing musical parts to sing. The group was elated as they sung their parts together and the recording of the parts formed the basis of the group’s final song.

The song:

Some photos from the session:

[srizonfbalbum id=2]


I had plans before I met him… future children.
Did I make the right decision? I had the chance…
We became the answer!
I am learning self love, its a big place with hidden gems. I’m Learning.
I saw a shuttle shoot across the sky… I followed through!

Choose Between
Choose, Choose, Choose
I’m Learning

Most decisions are a sacrifice, my pride and my compassion.
I left work crying, sacrificing surroundings.
Even though your going to fill, all the space I have saved.
Its easy to get lost in something better.
Hey this happens, through the boards I see the deer running.
Light shining.

Choose Between
Choose, Choose, Choose
I’m Learning

I have been trained in sacrifice.
An oversized mutant blind sighted me.
I had nothing too!
Choose between taking care of your self and taking care of others.
Its giving of your self.
One person who I didn’t expect became a hero…

Choose Between
Choose, Choose, Choose
I’m Learning