80 stories, bodies and voices gathered at the The Church of St Luke and St Mathew in Brooklyn NYC in January 2014 to create the song “Let it be (Enjoy the greatness)”. The song was inspired by people’s stories about times in their life where they had to just let things be.

The song:

Some photos from the Human Sound Experience:

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I’ve always hated the organ, it was loud and piercing
I had a tough childhood and I always wanted my parents to understand and they never could
I did not have control of the horse, a branch appeared, I’m pulling back the reigns and nothings happening
I was swimming with crocodiles, I got a parasite in my mouth, “if you don’t have surgery straight away you are going to die”
She said she was seeing someone else and it drove me crazy
A big blow up fight and after that I realised, I can’t change anybody, I was tired of fighting

Enjoy the greatness
No matter the tragedy

At one point I felt completely and utterly out of control, there was nothing I could do about it
Well if theres nothing you can do, this is fun
Wait a second, I can’t do this myself; for the first time in my life I had to just say “trust”
How am I going to work this out? No this is silly for me to stay in this apartment and try to make this work; I let go and moved out and that’s how I….

Enjoy the greatness

I just felt happy and free
I feel so liberated
I maintained as very minimal contact with her, I feel a great sense of relief, I am only a hopeful romantic when there is something to be romantic about
Yeah amazing! I was just going to enjoy that greatness, even if it was going to be a tragedy!

Enjoy the greatness
No matter the tragedy