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On the 2nd of November and the 7th of November, The Human Sound Project worked with the Beresheet La Shalom group in the region of the Upper Galilee, Northern Israel to create this song “Free Your Mind”.

Beresheet LaShalom is dedicated to intercultural dialogue between children of diverse groups, using theatre and the arts to facilitate this meeting of cultures. It’s a group with an amazing story, read more about them…rochure.html

Behind Beresheet La Shalom is largely the founder Dr. Angelica Edna Calò Livné (B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D.) an amazing women who has received several awards for her peace activities, written three books and lectures worldwide about her vast experience in educating to dialogue and encountering different cultures through the Arts. Angelica Edna still directs the group, manages it’s foundation and teaches, all at once! Many thanks go to Edna who who invited us to Beresheet, put us up, showed us all around the rich area of the Upper Galilee in Northern Israel. You will find out more about her and her story in the upcoming video on Beresheet La Shalom.

The group of young people who wrote this song represent the incredible diversity of Northern Israel; they included Druze, Jews, Arabs and Ethiopians. Watching these young people of different cultures, work together was inspiring…

We asked the group to think of a moment in their life that they had connected unexpectedly with someone outside of their social circle. The final chorus reflected the general sentiment of the group’s stories “Free your mind from the fear; We are all human”.

Being theatre students, the group was well accustomed to improvising and using their voices. In light of this we hear some great uplifting circle singing from the group. We also hear some instrumentation, we had Or Calo Livne putting down some really nice Saxophone lead line and a bass line, which I pitched down an octave to provide some heavy bass. I also added some chords on a melodica that was lying around in the room.

The opening line of the song, translates from Ethiopian to “Free your mind”. It was beautifully sung by the young person in the photo seen at the top of this post. It had to feature throughout the song!
Other than some of the little 808 Drum additions, and effects on the vocals, the rest of the song is the groups own.

Great work!

(video coming soon)

Some photos from the experience

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