A group of 10 people, diverse in musical experience and age created this song in relation to their experiences of “fear”.

We started by telling our stories in relation to experiences we had of ‘fear’ and we formed a poem out of the written transcription of the stories.

A perfect chorus was created from a participant’s experience of “finding a vine” that he used to pull himself up a sheer cliff.

Then the group was guided to allow the poem to inspired Human Sounds… A song was formed. You can listen below:



“I was living half alive,

Facing fear in a deep deep way.
So I started living the dreams in my head.

I found a vine.

That person who runs out, afraid to quit.
Every other day, I took major risks.

You have to go through some shit!
There was fear in their eyes.
I screamed for about 3 minutes.

I found a vine

It was the feel of water.
A catalyst for me to let go.
A willingness to wait.

I’ve been smiling at people though its very scary.

I found a vine”


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