The Human Sound Project was brought on by the Together for Humanity foundation to work with these thirty mostly Indigenous Australian young people from Brisbane Water High, a high school located in Woy Woy, Sydney, Australia. These young people came together with elders Uncle Lex and Uncle Stu to explore how traditional values could be used as tools for day to day life. Stories were shared around situations where individuals from the group felt connected and also those moments where they felt disconnected ┬áin day to day life. This was an important exploration for it laid out the conditions that were necessary for connection and engagement with school life, a good outcome for the school. Making sounds and hearing stories inspired by Indigenous music and culture was fun and meaningful for the young people involved – it promoted their culture as a relevant pool to draw strength and values from, as tools for day to day life. From these stories and sounds, a new song was born: “Family, Culture, Unconditional Love”.



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