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A Global Village Through Song

Making music together connects us socially and spiritually - it's vital for our well-being. The Human Sound Project is a social enterprise that inspires us to connect through the universal language of music.

The project began in NYC in 2013 as an idea to provide a platform that would any group, no matter it's size, musical skill level or background to come together and collaboratively record and share new songs about their stories.

Since then, The Human Sound Project has evolved into a global music movement giving voice to over 180 of groups on 6 continents around the world. From marginalised communities in Rio De Janeiro, Cape Town and Sydney to NGOs and corporations such as Vodafone, Canteen and Mission Australia, over 11,000 people have now come together to record their song.

These song recordings and music videos continue to touch the hearts and minds of over 100,000 people online making The Human Sound Project not just a powerful platform for connecting people who take part in its workshops but also a powerful platform to connect global audiences with music media content that carry important social messages.

At this pivotal time in our history with sea levels and social inequality on the rise, at the heart of The Human Sound Project’s mission is to publish the important songs that share the message of marginalised groups and uplifting stories of human collaboration. That is why the project has to date given over $80,000 of in-kind Human Sound programs to communities who otherwise do not have the resources to record their songs and share their stories.

The Human Sound Project’s vision is to create a global village through song by continuing to scale its program and giving voice to many more important songs that need to be sung.

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