Energiser and Ice-Breaker Sound Sessions


Absolutely no musical experience is required!


Live and breathe the culture you wish to see for your team


Receive a music based video that captures your story!

Our sound energiser and icebreaker programs are designed to quickly build energy, uplift spirits and heighten teamwork and focus for any sized group.

Designed to build energy, uplift focus and heighten teamwork, our energy and ice breaker session combines live music and audience participation: We begin with an electric music performance by our musicians at the front of the room. As the music continues to rock, we explain The Human Sound Project's mission to connect people through music and invite the group to participate.

Next, under our facilitator’s guidance, the group is empowered to play along with the music being generated by our musicians at the front of the room by picking up instruments (drums, percussion or boomwackers) and playing simple rhythmic parts given to them by facilitators.

The group begins divided, with each section of the audience playing a different boomwacker part according to the colour of their instrument. As teams get used to the idea of working together in harmony and rhythm, the parts, games and tempo grow in complexity but ultimately result in a symphony of sound, colour and teamwork.

An electric, musical atmosphere builds to a climactic finish that leaves the group feeling energised, unified, inspired and ready for what comes next.


- Beginning, energising and closing conferences
- Breaking up meetings
- Team building,
- Interlude for any corporate events


5 minutes to 45 mins



Benefits of the experience



Directly engage your group with the key themes, values and messages of the conference throught the song making process.



Increase productivity in the office by putting collaboration, teamwork, and communication into practice


Energy and Fun

We bring the freshest DJs, faciltiators and music producers to make education fun, energetic & engaging!


Skill building

Build key skills in: leadership, listening, collaboration, working to purpose, confidence. Ask us what other skills we can help develop.



Take home a finished song and video clip to remind yourself of the experience + share the song with your community via social media



Making music together has proven health benefits: it’s fun, reduces stress and builds community, enhances right brain thinking, heightens creativity and innovation and more.

Engage2 conference

"The team really know how to light up a crowd. Their energy is infectious and t musical talent and facilitation skills naturally encourage people to open up and connect with each other."


Human Sound Makers

"I think through building a song today, Canteen has proven that they actually have the capability the strength in their vulnerability and the desire to bring their diversity together to really create a meaningful leadership narrative for this organisation" 

– Olivia Margot, Consultant with the Global Leadership practice

“The highlight was listening to the team afterwards about how connecting the experience was. It was a corporate environment and so I wasn’t sure about how it was going to go, but The Human Sound Workshop surpassed all of our expectations"  

- Natalie Ferris, Director - Bendelta Corporate Training Consultancy

"Today the project initially sounded extremely confronting but with process, guidance and experience, we actually were able to create something amazing and enjoyable... the fear stopped and I think we can take that into the workplace."

– Toni Acrawford, executive from Asthma Australia


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