Build a Sound Community!


Absolutely no musical experience is required!


Live and breathe the culture you wish to see for your community


Receive a digital song + music video that captures your story

Since launching The Human Sound Project has worked schools, communities and organisations on six continents, empowering groups to connect by co-creating songs about their stories.

  • Absolutely no musical experience is required!
  • Live, breathe & sing the culture you wish for your school or community
  • Heighten creativity, collaboration and communication and more...
  • Receive a digital song + music video that captures your story

Born in New York City in 2013 and now based in Sydney Australia, The Human Sound Project’s work has since been taken up across a range of groups on 6 continents around the world including: corporate groups, not-for-profit organisations, government, eco-villages, schools, communities, conferences and festivals. It has been used for a range of purposes including team buidling, energisers, brand promotion, conflict resolution, inter-generational work, exploring ideas at city-wide festivals, cultural empowerment, and community engagement.


Empowerment Workshops
Cross-Cultural Initiatives
Inclusivity Programs
Intergenerational Work
Cultural Celebrations
Anti-Bullying programs
Conference Energisers


10 minutes to 2 days



How We Work

Engaging, interactive and uplifting programs that span from short 10-45 min energisers to 1-4 hour workshop experiences and longer term courses. Our programs are tailor made for groups of all sizes, backgrounds and musical skill levels and are led by an inspiring creative team of educators, musicians and digital professionals. Individuals with their own unique stories and sounds become unified by weaving these expressions into something larger then the sum of their parts - a new song. As a group they will:

Your Stories

Share stories, reflections and feelings about selected themes which may include: their group’s community values, educational topics, or issues.


Your Words

Weave their shared stories, reflections and ideas into a set of memorable lyrics that reflects the group.


Your Sounds

Give voice to your lyrics, as your group is guided along an interactive song-making process which involves: choosing your music style, drumming, sound making and more. Group sounds are recorded live with our mobile recording studio setup on the day.


Your Song

Receive a finished recorded digital track with their own unique message. The track is enjoyed, reflected on by participants and can be shared with their wider community.



Music video

Take the finished song to the next level with an accompanying music video. Capture the context, the storytelling, the human sound making, the smiles, the movement and the creative collaboration - all artfully brought together to form a memorable music video clip that accompanies your song.

Video accompaniment with the song significantly enhances the experience of listening to the song, reinforces the messages behind it and leads to more sharing of the track on social media and beyond.



Donation to our partner charity organization A Sound Life: Allow us to guide your team in promoting a sense of well being not only within your organization, but also within the wider community.

By bringing everyone together to co-create a song and have fun, you are increasing the number of vulnerable people that have access to the healing benefits of music and the expressive arts within your local community.

We work in partnership with charity A Sound Life, by supporting their free music as therapy programs for those in need.


Movement and Dance facilitation

Give movement to your song with our trained movement and choreographer instructors.



African drumming or bucket drumming will get the group grooving

Benefits of the experience



Directly engage your group with the key themes, values and messages of the conference throught the song making process.



Increase productivity in the office by putting collaboration, teamwork, and communication into practice


Energy and Fun

We bring the freshest DJs, faciltiators and music producers to make education fun, energetic & engaging!


Skill building

Build key skills in: leadership, listening, collaboration, working to purpose, confidence. Ask us what other skills we can help develop.



Take home a finished song and video clip to remind yourself of the experience + share the song with your community via social media



Making music together has proven health benefits: it’s fun, reduces stress and builds community, enhances right brain thinking, heightens creativity and innovation and more.


Silver Sound Project

Give your team quick hit of inspiration with a fun music and body percussion workshop.

Your group will clap, stomp, beat and rap in a facilitated sound circle that is inspired by the theme of your event. No instruments required!

Your group will be amazed by the collective energy, harmony and rhythm that they produce after this interactive music experience!

  • Initial Consultation
  • Can be held indoors or outdoors
  • 10-45 minute energisers and workshops
  • 1-2 facilitators

Gold Sound Project

Your team creates an original song recorded live on the day!

Musical icebreakers kick o the workshop followed by group storytelling and lyric writing. The group are then taught the foundations of voice and body percussion bringing out some hidden talents!

Using the latest interactive audio technology, the group will be amazed as their new song takes shape and is delivered as an MP4 at the the end of event.

Bring your brand to life through this unforgettable team experience.

  • Initial Consultation & Tailored Workshop Plan
  • 1-4 hour Workshop delivery
  • Requires an indoor venue
  • 1-2 facilitators
  • Facilitation + Sound engineering
  • All recording and sound equipment
  • Photo highlights included
  • Final song delivered as an MP4

Platinum Sound Project

This high end sound project combines the Silver and Gold Packages with some Platinum add-ons including professional filmmakers, choreographers and musicians.

Your group’s song will be professionally recorded and delivered along with an awesome music video to share across your socials.

Bring your brand or project to life through this unforgettable team experience.

  • Initial Consultation & Tailored Workshop Plan
  • 1 hour - 1 day options for workshop delivery
  • Facilitation + Sound engineering
  • All recording and sound equipment
  • Choreographer / movemement coach
  • Add Instruments e.g. Drums or Boomwackers)
  • Song professionally mixed in recording studio
  • Radio releasable song delivered as MP3
  • Video production team
  • Professional music video accompanies song

Human Sound Makers

"Your desire to produce the best product possible for your clients demonstrates your integrity, care and concern for others I applaud your work ethic and it is obvious from your happy outlook on life that you enjoy the work you do - I would highly recommend any organisation that feels it needs some kind of morale boost to engage your services... I wish you every success in your journey!"

Deirdre Wilson

Gympie Community Centre - Australian Institute of Country Music

“We sounded good, really, really good. I just couldn’t believe it when listening to it being played back, how through good leadership they made us sound great. I can’t wait to hear it!"

Andy Glass

Workshop Participant NYC

"I felt like I finally got the voice that was stuck in my body OUT!"

Girl Aged 6

Workshop Participant NYC


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