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A Global Village Through Song

Muslim Sufis chanting the name of God, Christians singing hymns, Buddhists chanting scriptures, Jews singing around a Sabbath table: for millennia human beings have used song to unite their communities. Unfortunately nowadays however, these “participatory” style musical events are either restricted to closed religions and cultural groups, or simply ignored by mainstream music culture which relies on "professional" musicians to entertain. In an increasingly divided world creating music together could be one of human kinds most powerful ways to connect but it remains questionable as to how this is achieved with groups comprised of people from different backgrounds or diverse musical abilities.

The Human Sound Project answers this global call for connectivity by empowering groups of all sizes, cultures and musical skill levels to come together and co-create songs about their stories. The project blends a suite of powerful group processes that harness every person’s innate capacity to express: to share stories, write words, and make sound and movement; It combines these expressions in a live group setting, with interactive technologies, to offer exciting, innovative and accessible ways for groups to come together and create songs.

The final song, a musical reflection of the group’s “collective story”, is gifted back to the group and can be shared with the wider-community to inspire, educate, and transform.

The Human Sound Project offers song making as a means to inspire happiness and build connection both within groups and between groups as they listen to each other's songs and stories online. Since launching in 2013, the project has worked with diverse groups on six continents around the world inspired by the vision of building a global village through songmaking.

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